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Happy Mother’s Day Weekend! { Austin Baby Photographer & San Antonio Baby Photographer }

To all the new Mommies and seasoned Mommies out there… you are AMAZING! I see you… coming to your photo session with happy and loved children. You put in so much effort to get everyone ready for their photos, picking out cute outfits and hair accessories. Dressing Dad. Trying to make sure everyone arrives happy and fed. Because you know this is more than a photo session. This is a slice of life. A moment frozen in time that you will keep forever to remind you of days gone by. Babies don’t keep. I see you… everyday… taking care of your family, middle of the night newborn feedings, kissing toddler boo boos, making dinner, reading stories, picking up cheerios off the floor for the 100th time this week, changing diapers, disciplining, doing laundry, running errands, doctor appointments, pushing aside your own wants and needs to care for these precious lives you brought into this world. Then one day you’ll teach your baby to read, help with homework, plan out dinners, drive to dance, gymnastics, soccer, swimming… playdates… all while feeling like everyone else has it together but you. I see you. You are amazing and your sweet child(ren) are so loved and cared for because of your daily sacrifices as a Mom. So happy Mother’s Day from one Mommy (me) to YOU. Moms make this world go round.

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