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“W” Family { Austin Child Photographer }

Back today to share some sneak peeks of the “W” family! I hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!

Update: I am 16 sessions behind but working late each night to get them done – sneak peeks are also behind as it is the busy holiday season right now! I appreciate everyone’s patience while you eagerly wait for your pictures! I am finishing up proofs from sessions on Oct 4-8th, so if your session is around that time, you’ll have proofs soon!

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Laurie - October 26, 2010 - 7:56 AM

Love the family shot!! He’s a real cutie!

Andrea - October 26, 2010 - 8:55 AM

What a gorgeous session! Such a loving family and expressive eyes!

shey - October 26, 2010 - 9:10 AM

What a beautiful family!! This location is amazing too – awesome images!

Julie Wagoner - October 26, 2010 - 10:00 AM

What a cutie! His eyes are just amazing!

Nicki B - October 26, 2010 - 10:59 AM

Pretty light! You got some great eye contact!

Michelle - October 26, 2010 - 12:14 PM

Gorgeous family! I love the connection you have captured…gorgeous location too!

Shonda Feddema - October 26, 2010 - 1:08 PM

Adorable – that little guys eyes are so beautiful!!

anette - October 26, 2010 - 1:34 PM

What a gorgeous family!! I love the location and the lighting you used. The 3rd one is just beautiful…I love his serious look here. Family photography can be so difficult at this age, but these are just perfect captures.

Ramsey - October 26, 2010 - 3:12 PM

Beautiful Family! Love the location. His eyes are just beautiful.

Anya Coleman - October 26, 2010 - 9:15 PM

Wonderful images. I love all the connection images.

rebekah - October 27, 2010 - 10:42 PM

lovely session! they look like they adore this little fella!

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This is why… { Austin Child Photographer }

…I looooove my job!!! Sometimes all you need is 20 minutes, a perfect sunny day and 2 sweet little girls. The rest is just magical. Just like their mini session last year. Enjoy your sneak peeks, “S” family!!

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Chrissy Torney - October 23, 2010 - 4:12 AM

WHat beautiful little people, love the purple/lavender combination.

Inna - October 23, 2010 - 7:56 AM

What a beautiful session! Love the colors and your clarity is amazing. Great job!

Susie L - October 23, 2010 - 8:07 AM

Oh how gorgeous! Love their creamy skin tones with the beautiful light you had! That purple dress is just gorgeous – you captured some great connections between the two!

Jeni - October 23, 2010 - 8:57 AM

gorgeous girls! I love those eyes, they drew me right in!

Katie Lou - October 23, 2010 - 9:37 AM

Darling kjiddos and you have captured them wonderfully!

Amy G. - October 23, 2010 - 4:29 PM

Great shots – such great clarity. Beautiful eyes too!

Liz - October 23, 2010 - 4:41 PM

Love the color in these. What sweet little girls!

Brianne Brose - October 24, 2010 - 10:47 AM

What gorgeous girls! Beautiful session!

tina stinson - October 25, 2010 - 10:05 AM

Oh my these are cute, your color is great and that red hair is to die for!

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“D” Family { Austin Baby Photographer }

Next up is the “D” family’s sneak peeks! I could go on and on about this boy’s gorgeous baby blues and his sweet cheeks!! This is my second time photographing him and he just gets cuter and cuter!! He was making me go through my entire stand-up baby comedy act to get him to smile! He would clench his lips together with a little grin, trying to hold in the actual smile… well… just like this…

Too cute!:)

We did get some cute smiles out of him ~ the old fashioned way!:)

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Susie L - October 23, 2010 - 8:08 AM

Oh my goodness what gorgeous eyes! Love the ones with mom and dad – they look like such a happy, fun family!

Katie Lou - October 23, 2010 - 9:39 AM

What a beautiful family! They are going to love these!

Liz - October 23, 2010 - 4:40 PM

How beautiful is this little guy! His eyes really grab you! Love the family shots too!

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“H” Family { Austin Childrens Photographer }

I’m going to be getting caught up on my sneak peeks! Thank you to all my families patiently waiting for pictures! This is the sweet “H” family – the last time I saw them, their daughter was just born! Her newborn picture was my FB profile pic for the longest time! She’s still as cute as ever!! Enjoy!

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shannon treadway - October 22, 2010 - 7:24 PM

OMGosh adorable! Gorgeous family and beautiful work!

Anya Coleman - October 22, 2010 - 8:17 PM

Great shots!Love it!

jen priester - October 22, 2010 - 8:27 PM

what a gorgeous family! Love their outfits!

Megan - October 22, 2010 - 9:07 PM

Oh my goodness, that first one is perfection. I just love them!

Liz - October 23, 2010 - 4:36 PM

I just love the colors you get! These are beautiful! The family must love them!

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Adorable { Austin Baby Photographer }

I just love the sneak peeks from this adorable family! The love for their new baby girl was contagious! She’s such a doll! Thank you “D” family for being so patient while waiting for your sneak peeks! Enjoy!

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Pavlina Ortiz - October 22, 2010 - 12:04 PM

What a beautiful family!! Images are stunning – the background looks like it’s been painted with brushes – beautiful! I love everything about these.

Melissa - October 22, 2010 - 12:20 PM

What a sweet little girl! Their clothing choices are great :) Love the colors in these and the posing.

katie - October 22, 2010 - 12:58 PM

Wonderful as USUAL! :)

Courtney - October 22, 2010 - 2:55 PM

Thank you SO much Elle. We LOVE these!!

sophie - October 22, 2010 - 4:54 PM

So sweet! Love these family shots. Adorable little girl!

shannon treadway - October 22, 2010 - 7:32 PM

Adorable family beautiful images! This family is going to love these!

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Dreamy { Albuquerque & Austin Family Photographer }

I’ve been looking forward to sharing these sneak peeks from my good friend and fellow photographer, Bethany Dawn (see her website here!) from our trip to Albuquerque early this month! We met at the most beautiful flower garden with these amazing tall wildflowers and dreamy sunlight! We have nothing like this in Austin – you’d never guess this session took place in Albuquerque, NM!! So lush with blooms, these sneak peeks feel more like spring than fall! Enjoy your sneak peeks, “B” family! Miss you much!

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mollie - October 20, 2010 - 8:49 PM

just dreamy! one of my favorite sessions of yours!

Bethany Dawn Burns - October 20, 2010 - 9:02 PM

I LOVE them Elle!!! Thank you SO MUCH for taking these sweet photos of my family. The ones of us laughing and tickling each other are my favorite! Oh, and the one of Sierra kissing me. Love you!

Susan Lorber - October 20, 2010 - 9:25 PM

Oh WoW!! Just BEAUTIFUL Elle!! You’re blessed to be able to work in such wonderful locations (all year round)!!

Jessica - October 20, 2010 - 10:52 PM

LOVE these!!! Amazing job, Elle!!!

Katie Lou - October 20, 2010 - 11:55 PM

What a adorable family! Great lighting, and wonderful captures.

Connie - October 21, 2010 - 5:18 AM

Beautiful location, lovely work!

Angela Crutcher - October 21, 2010 - 6:31 AM

Oh my goodness. These are simply gorgeous!! What a beautiful family. Love their style!!

Amanda Radovic - October 21, 2010 - 7:21 AM

so pretty! Love the light, the family is sweet and your processing perfect.

Julie Wagoner - October 21, 2010 - 10:06 AM

Wow, definitely a dreamy session! LOVE!

Cindy - October 21, 2010 - 10:54 AM

Such a beautiful family! These will be images they will treasure of their special moments!

dsr - October 21, 2010 - 10:10 PM

What an amazing location and photos to match. Love every one of these! And what a fun looking family they are!

rebekah - October 22, 2010 - 12:27 PM

what a gorgeous family! love the ones of mom and dad together! love them all, actually! : )

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